For centuries people have chosen to live near the calming influence of water. Whether by ocean, lake, river or stream, the sights and sounds of water have captivated and inspired people worldwide. Today as our lifestyles and environment become ever more hectic, stressful and crowded, Pacific Décor tabletop décor fountains bring home a relaxing measure of Zen like water sounds and tranquility in multiple sizes and styles with handsome glazes enhanced by the pulsating aura of multiple LED lights submerged beneath the flowing water.

Similarly fire and flame are an integral part of our being and heritage. Our LED fountains with the option of combining dancing on demand robust flames with sounds of falling water and pulsating LED underwater light are….mesmerizing! Indoors or out under cover, stylish ceramics with integral high fired reactive glazes withstand direct sunlight far better than resin material with painted exterior finishes.

Table fireplaces, round or square, add glass for stunning visual effects to enhance the dancing flames and protect them in windy places

In smaller locations the simple elegance of the flame is safely showcased with our ceramic flamepots in a variety of styles, colors and price points, each with stainless steel burner cup and snuffer.

Our USA made fuel was developed with extensive testing in the 1980s and has long been used commercially with fireplaces indoors and out in both public and private venues across the country. Our fuel is packaged in 2” diameter x 3” high disposable single use metal cans for safety and no fuss, no muss clean-up and convenience. Burn times vary with burning environment usually approaching two hours. The “universal” can size fits Pacific Décor Flamepots, Napa Firelites and most other firepots sold now or previously. Fuel also is available with 3% Citronella for outdoor only use.

Pacific Flame Gel Fuel is formulated to produce mesmerizing robust yellow dancing flames just not possible with wick burning fuel systems.